Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The 1st year and this....

This past year has been absolutely amazing with the addition of Sydney in our lives! For my girls to be so different they do seem to be about the same in some areas. Sydney's plump figure has now become pretty slim as Shelby's has always been and they both seem to be very afraid of dogs. We do not know where this has come from but none the less interesting. We had Sydney's 1st birthday party several days ago.....although the planning began months ago for her big day it quickly almost feel apart by myself getting sick. On the Tues before her party I plucked a straggler of an eyebrow hair. Within 24 hours majority of the left side of my face had swollen up and was very painful. Over the course of the next days I ended up on home IV antibiotics to fight the infection running crazy in my face. So, things I had big plans for at her party did not get done but it still turned out great! I hope you enjoy the pictures from it!! Her cake was amazing!!!!! Done by a good friend of mine.

Now, back to my little face infection......

This has been a nightmare and for those of you that know me I do not miss work....period, end of discussion. I have now been at home since last Thursday. I have been to the doctor almost daily and have been on the IV antibiotics since last Friday. Today, I just knew I would get the release to get back to work and being myself.....however, that did not happen. I will have to go under general anesthesia at 8:30 am tomorrow to have the remaining infection drained and cleaned. I have never been put to sleep so I am very anxious about this, but I know that for me to heal correctly it is what is needed. Please say a prayer that all goes as planned.

Now, as for tweezers......DONE WITH YOU!! And, I best say thanks to Chris. He has been amazing the past week. He has kept the house clean, cooked supper nightly, and folded and put up all clothes in the house. I know some of you are now thinking that Chris has hacked my blog and is writting this but I promise this is all true and I am so thankful for him!!!

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